Secret of happiness

Have you ever thought why a baby laughter is so contained?It is because his soul is happy and there are no negative thoughts inside him. Something that money cannot buy is happiness.You are the one to decide whether to be happy or not.Helping someone is the key to satisfaction.It not only bring a smile on your face but…Continue Reading “How to be happy? Secrets of happiness.”

Makeup is done to enhance the beauty and protect the skin against damage. Makeup is an art that can turn a person into anybody. A lot of people do not wear makeup thinking it’s harmful to the skin. But the sun and pollution are more harmful and layering the skin with makeup can prevent against…Continue Reading “Basic makeup products every girl should own | Buy now!”

A Beautiful dress is hard to find. This article helps you to find the perfect outfit in a second. The top 7 outfits are listed here and you can buy this outfit straightly from the website.  The outfits are super comfortable and beautiful.   Round Neck Printed Short Sleeve Skater Dress Price:$11.95 Size:  M |…Continue Reading “Top 7 summer dress ideas for women | Vogue”

outfit on sale

Matching the top and bottom dress is the hardest part while dressing up. It takes me more than 30 minutes to match my top and bottom outfit.  So, I decided to buy some two set outfit as it is super cute and time-saving at the same time. I am sharing some of my collection today…Continue Reading “Outfit on sale| Summer outfit style”

olive oil for beauty purpose

Olive oil is rich in vitamin A and E. Being rich in vitamin A it preserves the healthy texture of skin and vitamin E protects skin from the harmful toxin.  It is also rich in antioxidants which help to repair the damaged cell.  Olive oil can be used in many ways for beauty purpose.  …Continue Reading “Olive oil beauty hacks | Olive Oil DIY”

Healthy skin is definitely hard to get. Using products can somehow reduce skin problem but it cannot bring permanent change as skin problem is caused by inflammation and cell damage.  Eating right food is the best way to protect skin as food contains vitamins and minerals which fight against cell damage and imbalance hormone. Every vitamin…Continue Reading “Vitamins for acne prone skin | healthy skin diet”

Using peel off mask is risky if you do not apply it properly and do not follow step properly. There are six steps to follow while using a peel off mask.  In this tutorial, I will briefly explain about how I use black peel off mask to remove blackheads and baby hair. Firstly, I cleanse…Continue Reading “The right way to use black peel off mask | blackhead remover”

Since  I have not introduced myself properly on this blog till now, I am writing these 20 facts about me. I am 21 years old female. My height is 5’3. I am obsessed with owls. I have a collection of owl earring and locket. I recently completed bachelors in computing. I belong to the technical field….Continue Reading “20 random facts about me | Shristy Sangraula”

Today, I am going to share some of the easiest homemade packs to have clear and glowing skin.  The best part of these packs is you can instantly feel the result.  These tips are great for every skin type and the products are 100% natural. You can use any of the face pack listed below…Continue Reading “Top 5 home remedies for healthy skin | Acne free skin tips”

Henna is one of the oldest forms of body art.  Henna is usually associated with the ceremony and it is used by all religion. In Nepal, Henna is known as Mehendi and it is mostly applied in the 4th month of the Hindu calendar(Mid-July to Mid-August) as this month is considered to be devoted to Lord Shiva, the…Continue Reading “Benefits of henna| Henna hacks”